At-Home Lesson#10

You Shall Love Your Neighbor

Topic 6: He Ain’t Heavy; He’s My Brother [1]


You may not remember the music group The Hollies or their megahit, “He Ain’t Heavy; He’s My Brother”. It’s worth checking out on the Internet or elsewhere. And the old hymn “Let There Be Peace on Earth” tells us, “With God as our Father, brothers all are we; let me walk with my brother in perfect harmony. . . .” Yes, we are all children of our loving Father God, which makes us all sisters and brothers of one another. Jesus tells us his burden is easy; his yoke is light (see Mt 11:30). It is the burden of love of neighbor; it is the yoke of justice and peace. Cain asked God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Gen 4:9). For those who follow Christ, the answer is a clear and resounding: YES! As far as it is in my power to desire and intend what is good for my fellow man, that is what I am commanded to do. The Church helps us apply the idea of loving our neighbor to different circumstances, beginning with following the commandments.


Read the content under YOUCAT# 367, 368, 369, 370, 371, 372, 373, 378, 379, 383, and 395 (numbers in yellow circle) from YOUCAT p.202~p.216. [2]

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YOU Reflect

God revealed the Ten Commandments to Moses, but it wasn’t as if God had never given mankind any indication of his will before he did so. Most of what is in the Ten Commandments, the people of Israel already knew. It was a matter of whether they would commit themselves to God in keeping the commandments. Most of us, too, know the truth of the commandments. Sure, we should study them to learn the details and to understand better why God wants us to do certain things and not do others. That helps us understand what is really good for us. But for most of us it isn’t a matter of knowing what the commandments are but whether we will decide, with God’s help, to obey them.

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YOU Challenge


Hug your mom today and tell her you love her. If she’s far away, give her a “phone hug”. Or pray for her.

Love Life:

Choose a pro-life activity and participate in it, such as “Life Chain” or a pro-life march. To find out what God wants you to do to help mothers and their prenatal children, contact your parish respect life committee.

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