Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions 

of students and parents.

Does my child need to attend Religious Education every year?

Children are expected to participate in Religious Education every 

year. This is not only a parish policy but a diocesan policy as 

well. The curriculum builds on the previous year's studies and 

experiences. Just as math and language arts cannot be learned on 

a sporadic basis, neither can religion.

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What grade can my child start in the Religious Education program?

We start the program with children as young as 1st grade and 

continue through 8th grade.

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Do you only offer classes once a week?

We offer a variety of sessions to accommodate busy schedules. We 

offer sessions on Wednesday afternoon for 1st - 8th grade, 

Wednesday evening for grades 1-8,Summer Intensive(this session 

meets in August for 8 days over 2 weeks. During the pandemic this schedule has been adjusted) for grades 1-8, and the 

Family catechesis program (this is more of a self-motivated home 

program) for grades K-8th grade.

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How do I register my child for Religious Education?

Please contact Julie at jadreani@stmarybg.org or 847-537-9458 with any questions. Registration will open in April 2021.