Parish Mission—February 25th, 26th, 27th, 7pm.


February 28th— Class for  grades 1st-8th, RCIC

Reconciliation for grades 3rd—8th during class


March 3rd—Almsgiving Day 1:30-4:00. All are invited to attend the 4:30 Mass.

March 7th—Class for grades 1st—6th

March 8th  Deanery D, E, F Catechist Retreat 6:30-9


March 14th—Class for grades—1st –8th. No RCIC. Labyrinth for all classes in the AC.

March 20th—Parish Reconciliation, 7pm

March 21st—Classes for grades 1st—8th

RCIC—March 12th, 6:30pm, Reconciliation

March 19th, 6:00pm, Easter Vigil Practice