We live in a world broken by exaggerated individualism and personal gain. We have fallen into this trap and have sinned.

     Our first reading assures us that although we broke the covenant, God takes us back, forgives our sin, and starts anew with us. We hear the consoling words again, “I will be their God, and they will be my people.” The Gospel calls us to live as God’s people by dying to our selfishness and living for others.  This is our baptismal covenant, and, like Jesus, our true life comes from living with and for others. In him, we too must face the paradox of the cross—we too must die and be raised to new life. (Treehaus)

 Holy Week at home: Set up four stations, one in each corner of the room, for the following: Palm Sunday (palms, picture of Jesus entering the city); Holy Thursday (loaf of bread, goblet of grape juice, picture of the Last Supper); Good Friday (cross, crown of thorns, or nails); Easter (Create a replica of the open tomb, with flowers around it.) Your children will start at Palm Sunday and walk to each station in order: Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter. Describe the day that each station represents and the importance of the events of the day. Prepare a simple prayer at each station for your family to pray together.