19th Sunday in Ordinary Time—Year A


     The focus of our readings is the presence of God in the calming of the storm.

     Elijah finds God, not in the storm, earthquake or fire, but in the quiet, gentle stilling of the storm.

     The disciples, frightened by the storm, fail to recognize Jesus walking on the water. It is in the stilling of the storm that they recognize him and praise him.

(Treehaus publications)








Peter cried out, “Lord, save me!” Jesus took Peter’s hand and said, “Peter, you have so little faith! Why didn’t you believe?”.


Prayer of the Day:

Lord, you are the God of power and gentleness. Open our eyes to find you in the ordinary things of life: in the love of our parents, in the happiness of friends, in the goodness of this world in which we live. And when things do not go so well, may we believe that you are with us always to support and care for us. We pray for this through Christ, our Lord.



Picture a time when you called to Jesus for help. How did Jesus help you?