21st  Sunday in Ordinary Time—Year A


     Our readings focus on the power and fidelity of God made manifest in human ministry.

     The prophet Isaiah delivers to Shebna the results of his unfaithful behavior. But God will continue. A new “officer” will be appointed who will be invested with the keys, a symbol of the power and authority of God.

     This theme is picked up in the Gospel reading where Peter is given the keys to the kingdom, symbolizing the power and authority of Christ. But the focus is sharpened. Isaiah refers to the wrongful behavior of Shebna. Christ responds to the faith expressed by Peter.  (Treehaus publications)


Jesus asked his followers:                     “Who do you say I am?”


Prayer of the Day:

O God, in doing your will Jesus, your Son, has built the church on the work and prayers of men and women around the world. Join our work and prayers to theirs, serving each other in any way we can, so that the church may be a family of love. Listen to the prayers of us all as we make them through Christ, our Lord.



How would you picture or describe who Jesus is to you?