Pentecost Sunday


           The mission of the church is to do the work of the Hoy Spirit.

          Jesus breathed into his disciples his own life, the Holy Spirit. By the power of the that Spirit, the church is born. The followers of Jesus are now to do what his death and Resurrection was all about—forgive.

        Peace is the greeting of the risen Lord, and peace is his continued presence in the Church.

This Spirit comes upon the disciples with power. In the name of Jesus, in every language, they are empowered to preach about “the great things God has done.”


They heard a sound like a strong wind. They saw what looked like tongues of fire resting on them.                                                                 They were filled with the Holy Spirit.



Jesus gives his followers the gift of the Holy Spirit. Picture or describe some of the ways that the Holy Spirit has helped you to do the work of Jesus in your life.