At-Home Lesson#3

The Sources of Prayer

Topic 3: Unremembered [1]


Were you ever introduced to someone whom you liked immediately, remembered the person’s name, and looked forward to getting to know him? Yet, the next few times you see him, it seems he doesn’t know you from Adam, and he certainly doesn’t remember your name? It hurts to be forgotten, unrecognized, unremembered. With God, it’s never that way. He has known us since before we were. He called us out of nothingness into being. He thinks of us constantly. We’re precious to him; he calls us by name. In fact, he knows our secret name, the one we will be known by in eternity, the one that captures the very essence of who we are, really. Since he remembers us constantly, doesn’t it seem right that we should think of him from time to time at least, speak to him, call him by name? Prayer is remembering God who loves us is here, and he is loving us right now!


Read the content under YOUCAT# 491~493, and 496~498 (numbers in yellow circle) from YOUCAT p.270~p.274. [2]

What Does YOUCAT Say?
  1. What do Kierkegaard, Simone Weil, St. Augustine, and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta say about prayer (YOUCAT p.270~271 margin)?
  2. What is the relationship between personal prayer and the prayer of the Church (YOUCAT# 493)?
  3. List three of the characteristics of Christian prayer (YOUCAT# 493).
  4. Who helps us pray (YOUCAT# 496 and 497)?
  5. Where should we pray (YOUCAT# 498)?
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YOU Reflect

Do you think there is a secret to success in life?

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta said her secret was quite simple: “I pray” Many of us don’t know how to pray or how to learn to pray. We must first convince ourselves of prayer’s absolute necessity for every Christian.

Then Pope Benedict tells us, “If you do not know how to pray, ask him [Jesus] to teach you, and ask your heavenly Mother to pray with you and for you.”
  1. How often do you pray?
  2. Have you ever prayed that you would be better at praying? Why or why not?

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What Does the Bible Say?
  1. Read Psalm 40:1It tells us we must wait patiently if we are to pray. Why is that so?
  2. Read Romans 8:26St. Paul tells us we are helped to pray by whom?
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YOU Chat
  1. Why must we pray?
  2. What can we do to learn how to pray?
  3. On whom can we rely to teach us how to pray as we ought?
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YOU Challenge

Meditate on God’s Word:
Each day read one verse from the Gospel and think about it deeply for ten minutes. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart.
Make time for God. Build into your day a ten- to fifteen-minute prayer time.
Our Lord has a word just for you; open your heart and mind to hear and obey.